located in beautiful southern Illinois.
Please do not confuse us with other companies that go by the Williams name,
 we never do our product sales online and we do not do direct
withdrawals from your account. 
If a
business shies away from giving their address
or answering their phone or emails, you need to beware!! 
We have been helping people since 2000 and are a local company.

About us

 I have always lived in beautiful southern Illinois and have spent a combined 25 years in business, including real estate, working with mortgage lenders, car sales  and credit restoration. With the combined years and experience in these departments, credit is a major portion of my life and with the continuous study and applying of my knowledge, I have be able to help 1000’s of clients receive the homes, loans, cars and credit that they need and deserve. Kert and I spend hours looking over and correcting mistakes made every day to peoples credit.   If you are looking for someone who cares, who you can trust and a real person who you can find, who will answer your calls and who is looking out for you, then you have come to the right place.

 I am not an attorney or law school graduate, BUT I AM JUST LIKE YOU, someone who has been hurt in the past and I have spent 100’s of hours talking and learning what it takes to clean up the mess. I have dedicated my time to helping others in cleaning up their credit.  I would be glad to sit down with you or have a phone conference with you if you would like to discuss your credit.   To make arrangements, just email or call to set up your time.  
We are located at 119 E. Main St in West Frankfort, IL.  Our company shares a space with g.l. williams real estate and our doors are open to you today.

 Some Frequently asked questions we receive:

Once the credit repair is done, will the information come back onto my credit report?

Anything that comes off your credit report can come back, however, most people doing credit repair are neither knowledgeable or thorough in what they are doing - therefore, the majority of what they take off tends to come back. When you do a thorough job, very little ever returns. However, it is still possible. When we find something that comes back, we will remove it a second time completely free of charge, thus solving the problem in most all cases.

What other charges are there?
None. As long as this remains an active account and you are providing us with the information that the credit bureaus send to you. If you stop sending us this information for a period of 3 months, then we will close out this case and you would have to pay to begin a new. If you misplace reports you will have to order new ones.  We cannot continue to dispute items that have already been deleted because credit reporting agencies will become aware that someone is working on your credit.

Will this remove everything from my credit report?
Only the bad credit that can legally be removed. We do not touch good credit. We are only responsible for what is on your credit report when you begin with us. If you add new credit items that need repair, then you will have to pay all over again to remove it.

Will credit repair wipe out my debts?
Absolutely not. All we can do is restore your credit so that you can use it again. If we remove an item, it just will not show on your credit report. However, you still owe the debt to the creditor. We strongly advise people to pay their debts.


According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  “Everything a credit repair clinic can do for you legally you can do for yourself at little or no cost”.  While I agree with the FTC I also understand some consumers do not have the time, patience (or knowledge) to do the work themselves and the thought of “do it for me credit repair” becomes very appealing. After all, everything a mobile oil change service can do for me I can also do myself at little or no cost (but you won’t find me changing the oil in my car this weekend!).

Although some things are better done by yourself, only you can determine if doing your own credit restoration work will be one of them. This is why understanding both the advantages and limitations of a credit repair company and the structure from which it operates are VERY important.

One thing many people do not realize is that they can do more harm than good.   You can actually remove negative items and make your credit score drop.   You can erase history that will make your credit score drop.  You can have an item hit with a not mine and end up having it verified the first time and then be stuck because of the verification.

Another challenge is the actual amount of time, effort and resources which a company or law firm can reasonably allocate on a consumer’s behalf. Remember, any large business has a tremendous amount of overhead which quickly chews up most of that monthly fee. Out of that $39 to $49 there are monthly expenses including but not limited to: Advertising, Office Rent and Utilities, Employee Payroll and Taxes, Health Insurance, Phone Service, Office Supplies, Refunds, Computer Maintenance and Programming, Website Administration, Office Supplies and let’s not forget postage for mailing letters to the credit bureaus. A much simpler way to think of this is by imagining if you had a client paying you $39 a month; how much work would you be willing to do?

CUSTOMIZATION: It’s for this reason that some of the most advanced forms of credit restoration are done completely customized for the client and even (in many cases) by hand. The best credit restoration companies I’ve seen are usually run by one person or a small number of people and are extremely customized for each client.
This is the most effective but with effectiveness comes cost.   Every one of these services I have seen charges a very large upfront fee and works entirely off of referrals. This type of service is simply impossible to perform for $39 or even $49 a month.

If you’re ever going to finance a home (which everyone dreams of doing) the difference between good credit and poor credit will affect your interest rate. If you secure a $200,000 mortgage on a 30 year term and your interest rate can be  2% lower because of cleaning up that bad credit score, that 2% will save you $96,934.11 over the course of the loan (just because you now have  better credit). Take that $96,934.11 and divide it by the 30 to 50 hours you may spend working on your credit situation and you’ll quickly realize credit restoration when done properly does not cost – it pays!  People save thousands of dollars a year after having their credit done, so our charge is minimal to you compared to what you can actually save.

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